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Welcome to our Business, on the World Wide Web.

We want to invite you to browse freely and we hope you will find articles that will help your business succeed in this whole new world of Social Interactivity. Actually there is nothing new at all about this world, in fact,we are just returning to our Tribal or Community beginnings.  Social Media ensures that you are KNOWN! And it is our job to ensure that our clients are KNOWN, LIKED and TRUSTED

Social Media 150x150 HOMESocial Media ensures that people are KNOWN!

This can be both a blessing and a curse as you will be known on social Media so you must decide if you want to manage how you are known, or if you want others, who may not have your best interests at heart, will manage it.

Can you imagine a store owner in the village of our past, not taking great pride in how his business was known in that village? But today, many merchants have no idea how they are known on the world wide web and worse yet have no idea how to control that information.

FB white background HOME Facebook

Like it or hate it no business today can afford to ignore Facebook.  Almost all their customers are  on Facebook and accepting that and learning how to access them through Facebook and then  engage with them on Facebook can be one of the best decisions you can make.

It is a fabulous place to run Contests, to giveaway coupons and to promote your best offers. It can also be a great place to really get to know your best customers and to reward them for their loyalty. One of my specialties is Community Pages and these can create an incredible wheel of support for the community of Local Merchants.

  G+ white background HOME  Google, Google +, and Google+ Local

Today, the community is found online and members of that community are Found on Google and particularly Google + Local where Google gives keyword search preference to the Local Merchants in an area utilizing those Keywords to be found by people looking, “searching”, in today’s world, for you.

Reputation Anytime we mention Google we have to consider Reputation, as your placement on Google’s search engine, depends on Social Signals and Reviews.  Between Hangouts and our Special Review Cards we have you covered.  But no one can afford the risk of not monitoring the social networks to see what is, and what is not being said about you.  Bad Reviews can be killers for any business; fair or unfair.  You can’t ignore them because your customers are certainly not ignoring them. Unfortunately as Reviews are usually on sites not in your control you can’rt remove them but you can deal with them and you can make a concerted effort to collect and publish good reviews.

apple iphone HOMEMobile is Critical

Don’t believe me or take my word for it.  Look at your customers!   In your store don’t be surprised to see your customers checking out your merchandise, on their smart phones or tablets.  They may be seeking online reviews, to determine if any of their friends, you know, the ones on Facebook, know anything about the item they are thinking of  buying, they may also be comparison shopping.

Here is an eye popping statistic, 84% of people do their searching for what they want on a mobile device, and 93% of people search online before making a buying decision.  

What will their mobile device reveal about you?  We’re still seeing people who are bleeding money because their site is not mobile friendly,  or mobile compatible.  Many merchants sites still do not even show up on mobile devices thanks to being designed in Flash.

We love helping local businesses and local service providers successfully navigate the world wide web.

We know you are the engine of our economy and we want to make sure you thrive in the “online communities” of today


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